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Avalanche Technology
Founded in 2006, Avalanche Technology set out to fundamentally change the >$70B memory industry with a disruptive low power non-volatile magnetic memory. Avalanche is solving the technology scaling challenges faced by existing charge based memories and is enabling radical leaps in memory and storage system architectures. The technology is ideal for applications in nearly every industry, from consumer electronics and mobile phones to satellites and engine control.

Launched in June 2011 and headquartered in New York, Fab is a social commerce business that combines design discovery with discounted shopping. Fab provides a platform for designers so they are able to reach a mass consumer audience across a range of product categories. Fab aims to make the process of online shopping for designer products more rewarding and enjoyable. Fab is the fastest growing e-commerce company ever, having 600 employees in New York, Berlin, and Pune (India) and selling products in 26 countries. Fab’s investors include some of the most recognized VC firms in the world such as Andreessen Horowitz, Atomico, Battery Ventures, Pinnacle Ventures, Menlo Ventures, and SV Angel.

Rolith is developing advanced nanostructured products for consumer electronics, solar and green building markets using a proprietary nanolithography technology. Its Rolling Mask nanostructuring system surpasses current nanolithography systems in throughput, cost and quality. Rolith was formed by Dr. Boris Kobrin, Prof. Mark Brongersma, and Julian Zegelman in 2008 and is currently located in Pleasanton, CA. The company holds a comprehensive patent portfolio in the areas of nanolithography, material deposition and etch methods, and nanophotonic devices. Rolith’s strategic partners include SUSS MicroTec AG and Asahi Glass Group. It is backed by DFJ VTB Capital Aurora (DFJ affiliate fund managed by VTB Capital) and AGC America, Inc. (venture arm of Asahi Glass Group).

SmS Tenzotherm GmbH
Germany-based company commercializing the results of R&D on rare-earth semiconductor samarium-sulphide (SmS) carried out in St. Petersburg. Unique properties of this semiconductor open the path to several hi-tech products with unmatched characteristics: new generation tenzosensors and thermoelectrical generators.

Moscow, Russia • 10 Presnenskaya Nab
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